Density Balances

Density Balances

The Fann Model 140 Mud Balance provides a simple, practical method for the accurate determination of fluid density. It is one of the most sensitive and accurate field instruments available for determining the density or weight-per-unit-volume (specific gravity) of drilling fluids. An outstanding advantage of this Mud Balance is that the temperature of the sample does not materially affect the accuracy of readings. The Mud Balance is constructed with an easy to read beam which is graduated into four scales: pounds per gallon, specific gravity, pounds per cubic foot, and pounds per square inch per 1,000 feet of depth.

 Model 140 Measuring Range:
 lb/gal  6-24
 lb/sq in/1000ft of depth  310-1250
 lb/cu ft  45-180
 gms/cm³ (Specific Gravity)  0.72-2.88


The TRU-WATE Balance is an instrument for measuring the absolute density of a fluid sample. With the TRU-WATE Balance, the density of a fluid sample, such as cement slurry, can be measured in a fixed volume sample under pressure. By pressurizing the sample cup the entrained air or gas can be decreased to a negligible volume, thus providing a slurry density measurement more closely in agreement with the true density which will be realized under down-hole conditions.

 Model 141 Measuring Range:
 lb/gal  7-22
 lb/sq in/1000ft of depth  350-1150
 lb/cu ft  50-165
 gms/cm³ (Specific Gravity)  0.75-2.60

Download Density Balances Catalog for more details and specifications.

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

Marsh Funnel Viscometer

The Marsh Funnel is a simple device for indicating viscosity on a routine basis. When used with a measuring cup the funnel gives an empirical value for the consistency of a fluid. The number obtained depends partly on the effective viscosity at the rate of shear prevailing in the orifice, and partly on the rate of gelation.

Download Marsh Funnel Viscometer Catalog for more details and specifications.

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