FMC Inspection & Testing Service

Mid-Continent is authorized by FMC Fluid Control Division to provide after sales testing and certification of mudline and cementing flow control products. We have set up a service centre to repair, refurbish, inspect and test high pressure flow control equipment under license of FMC.

Mid-Continent performs:

  • Ultrasonic wall thickness reading
  • Disassembly
  • Inspection
  • Replace Worn Parts
  • Refurbish
  • Re-assembly
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Test (with real time test procedure record chart)
  • Identification Markings and Recording
  • Blasting and Painting


  • Chiksan Swivel Joints
  • Cementing and Circulating Hoses
  • Choke Manifolds
  • Weco Unions & Plug Valves

BPC X-904 Transfer Device Refurbishment Services

Mid-Continent is authorized by Billy Pugh Company Inc to provide refurbishment services on X-904 transfer device. The X-904 is a personnel transfer device designed to transfer personnel between vessels or platforms with more safety features than a conventional transfer net.

There are some advantages why BPC X-904 is the most reliable transfer device for safety transfer and become one of the most trusted offshore operations personnel transfer device:

  1. A firm frame which provides better stability while riders get on and off from a heaving vessel deck.
  2. Better protection from side and over-head impact.
  3. No standing required on the edge of the basket, but rather more “inside” of the basket ring.
  4. Restraint lanyards which offered the option of being secured to the basket.
  5. X-904 with large-capacity will reduce risk by lowering the number of crane transfers and improving transfer times.
  6. The X-904 does not collapse when set on the deck which enhances the user’s ability to manage pitch and roll in rough seas. However it is collapsible for any shipping or storage.
  7. Shock absorbing bottom and non-slip floor.
  8. Lightweight aluminum frame construction.

Personnel safety is the most important aspect in any industrial operation. With the X-904 transfer device, safety is guaranteed. After two years usage and having been put through severe conditions, BPC X-904 unit should be brought back to shore in order to be refurbished/repaired. Mid-Continent Services provides the highest standard of quality refurbishment services for X-904 transfer device.

X-904 Refurbishment Services by Mid-Continent Gallery

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