The Mid-Continent Group of Companies is an oilfield equipment and spares supplier operating from Singapore since 1978. We are a major distributor of a comprehensive range of products to the oil and gas industry in the Asia Pacific region.

In addition, from serving the oil & gas industry,we have expanded our customer base to include the shipbuilding, sludge treatment, and refining industries.

In line with our expansion, you can now find Mid-Continent offices and warehouses in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Malaysia and India, on top of our headquarters in Singapore.

As a distributor and major stockist, we play a crucial role in bridging the time gap between the demands of end users and the supply by manufacturers.

As testimony of the Group's high standards of customer service, we were awarded the ISO9002 Certification in 1996.

Subsequently, we also attained ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 for our commitment to the environment and for our health and safety management system respectively.

Core Businesses

Mid-Continent is involved in 3 main businesses:

These include replacement parts and products such as pumps and engine parts used by drilling rigs in oil and gas exploration; production equipment and spares; valves and flow control products; chemical products and marine safety products. We also provide procurement, logistics and after sales services. (Please see our Equipment & Spares section for details)



Competitive Pricing

In today's competitive environment, price is the leading factor influencing customers' procurement choices. We are able to supply quality equipment and spares at competitive prices through our business relationship with a wide network of suppliers, an efficient inventory control and bulk-buying strategy.

Strong Customer Relationships with a Wide Customer Base

Over the more than 30 years we have been in business, we have developed strong customer relationships from a wide customer base from all over the world.

Strong Relationships with Suppliers

Similarly, throughout more than 3 decades, we have worked with and developed strong rapport with suppliers through shared business experiences. We are authorised distributors for more than 20 tubular and equipment & spares manufacturers.

Ready Stock

As a major stockist, we hold inventory which we anticipate may at times be urgently required by our customers. We have extensive storage and warehousing facilities and an efficient inventory control system to ensure that a wide range of tubulars and equipment & spares are available to meet your demand.

Extensive Distribution Network

Our global distribution network includes five fully-staffed offices and warehouse facilities in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, India and the USA to react promptly to the needs of our customers.

In addition, we have business collaboration arrangements with local agents in strategic locations around the world including Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Phillipines, Bangladesh and South Korea.

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