OTECO Drill Pipe Float Valves


Drill Pipe Float Valves Features and Benefits Overview


Valve Body

Oteco valve bodies are manufactured for today’s increasingly harsh drilling environment. All valve bodies are cast out of ductile iron or a low-alloy carbon steel and are heat treated to a hardness equal to or less than 22 Rockwell C (≤ 22 Rockwell C 2 HR) to address the corrosive effects of hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S). Oteco’s integral valve bodies are manufactured from a one-piece casting and are not welded together the way some other competitors produce their bodies. This means that customers receive a superior and more reliable valve body.

Integral Plunger Valves

All of Oteco’s plunger valves are machined from one solid piece of material to produce a more reliable float valve and reduce the risk of downhole valve failure.

Flapper Valves

All Oteco standard-service flapper valves are made of low-alloy steel and then case hardened for wear resistance, thus giving a longer operating life.


Available elastomers are nitrile butadiene (NBR, Buna-N), hydrogenated nitrile butadiene (HNBR) and Viton® (fluoroelastomer, FKM).


Inconel® springs come standard on all our valves. Inconel® springs are significantly more resistant to corrosion when compared with the standard service springs provided by most other manufacturers. Inconel® springs are also good for sour-gas (H2S) applications.


All Oteco drill-pipe float valves and replacement parts are manufactured to standard industry dimensions and interchangeable with other major manufacturer’s parts.

Sour-Gas (H2S) Service

Available in both F and G models.

Plunger-Type Float Valves:

Model F-Plunger Type StandardModel F-Plunger Type Standard

The Model F is a plunger-type float valve that provides a positive instantaneous shut off, providing constant fluid control while drilling. The Model F is a reliable and economical selection under standard drilling operations.

Model FC-Plunger Type Automatic FillModel FC-Plunger Type Automatic Fill

The Model FC Automatic-Fill plunger-type float valve incorporates a unique key assembly and slotted valve stem to hold the plunger open during run in of the drill pipe and allows the pipe to fill from the bottom, saving time, reducing mess, and avoiding hazards. The plunger is automatically released once circulation begins.

Model FA-Plunger Type Pressure MonitoringModel FA-Plunger Type Pressure Monitoring

The Model FA Pressure-Monitoring plunger-type float valve has a special port running through the plunger of the float valve. This valve is used when monitoring the bit head for gas pressure and allowing differential pressure measuring when required. The port also permits partial automatic fill during run in.

Flapper-Type Float Valves:

Model G-Flapper Type StandardModel G-Flapper Type Standard

The Model G is a flapper-type float valve that, when opened, offers an unobstructed bore through the float valve. The uniquely designed flapper closes rapidly to prevent shavings from entering the drill string when circulation stops and also assists primary BOP equipment in maintaining internal pressure control. The valve will fully open when the first joint is raised from the hole, preventing pulling wet joints.

Model GA-Flapper Type Pressure MonitoringModel GA-Flapper Type Pressure Monitoring

The Model GA Pressure-Monitoring flapper-type float valve is indistinguishable from the Model G with the exception of a tungsten-carbide insert in the flapper valve. The insert has a quarter-inch orifice through the center that allows for differential pressure monitoring. The orifice also allows for partial automatic filling of the drill pipe during run in.

Model GC-Flapper Type Automatic FillModel GC-Flapper Type Automatic Fill

The Model GC Automatic-Fill flapper-type float valve incorporates a unique self-releasing key assembly that holds the flapper partially open during run in, allowing the pipe to fill from the bottom. This eliminates the need for filling the drill pipe from the top, saving time and money. The valve will fully open when the first joint is raised from the hole, preventing pulling wet joints while avoiding the environmental and safety risks related to having mud on the rig floor. The valve can be run with the automatic-fill option or in the standard, closed position.

Model GCA-Flapper Type Auto Fill/Pressure MonitoringModel GCA-Flapper Type Auto Fill/Pressure Monitoring

The Model GCA Automatic-Fill/Pressure-Monitoring flapper-type float valve includes all the advantages of the Models G, GC, and GA. An unobstructed bore through the float valve, when open, permits automatic partial filling of the drill pipe from the bottom and measuring differential pressures when necessary.

Download OTECO Drill Pipe Float Valves Catalog for more details and specifications.

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